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# [Member]   on 03/11/21 at 06:53

This weekend will be three months since I posted this blog, so I thought I would provide some more pictures. These seedlings are in a temperature-controlled room receiving 16 hours of light every day. I can’t guarantee that these conditions are ideal. If I had my “druthers", the light cycle would have mimicked winter-time day lengths, and I would have kept the room cooler. It never got above 68°F and never below 34°F. You will notice a combination of more seedlings and also spent seedlings, but what might be harder to see is that I’m still seeing new emergence, though the surge in emergence was in January. Most of these seedlings are spring-foliage Lycoris, so the new emergence is actually what I would have expected from most of it. (Click picture to see larger image)

# Himalayan Gardens Ltd on 06/15/12 at 10:27

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