Bulbmeister.COM Auction

On occasion Bulbmeister.COM will have quality odds & ends harvested from the nursery, including seeds when they are available. Instead of being added to the Nursery List, these items will be offered at the linked auction site.

To be made aware when auctions are offered, visit and LIKE the Bulbmeister.COM Facebook Page. Additionally, when you register at the auction site, you can choose to receive a newsletter, which will also be used to notify interested parties of new offers at auction


Plant Breeding as a Hobby

:!:A visitor inquired about a good source for learning the basics of plant breeding. Since I could not think of a popular book right off of the top of my head, I did an internet search and found a site sponsored by the University of Illinois that should provide all the basics one might need for learning the art of plant breeding.


Pacific Bulb Society

I cannot say enough great things about this organization, considering the contribution it has made to the world since its inception at the turn of this millennium. This group of volunteers has put together an extensive WIKI presentation of flower bulb images and their culture. Additionally, they have an active listserv community where enthusiasts share loads of gardening knowledge.

Finally, you don't have to be a member to participate with and take advantage the expertise of the other bulb fanatics, but for a meager $20 a year, you can also participate in their regular flower bulb and seed offers made through the listserv.


Bulbmeister.COM - Forum

If you have a question you wish to post, go to the forum and get answers. Leave comments about your gardening practices, or let us know about the flower bulbs you saw in bloom.


Bulbmeister.COM - Image Gallery

Browse color images of flower bulbs in bloom. Take the opportunity to rate them and even send an electronic postcard to a friend.

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