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I’ve been quite curious of late about the popularity of blogs. Why have one? How does it replace a forum posting, or is it really any easier than publishing an article to a web page? Well, I got tired of wondering, so I began to wandering. Fact is, I began my wanderings all the way back in June of 2007, I installed this particular blog software, b2evolution, then got bogged down in the concept of configuration and template tampering, got busy with fall product lists, got lazy after that, and just finished publishing the spring flower bulbs list a couple days ago.

So, here I am, planting the seed. I’ve rooted around in this program enough to get a template made that mostly fits the feel of the rest of my site, and I hope to have a short article posted by the end of the week.

As time goes by, I hope this seed will grow, allowing me to share thoughts and ideas from general gardening observations and practices to rambling on over into the specifics of flower bulb studies and culture.

Another feature I do not understand very well, coming along in popularity with blogs, is the “RSS Feed". I hope, if you find these articles, thoughtful meanderings, and favorite links to be of use, you can also find the RSS Feed to be of service, too.

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I cannot say enough great things about this organization, considering the contribution it has made to the world since its inception at the turn of this millennium. This group of volunteers has put together an extensive WIKI presentation of flower bulb images and their culture. Additionally, they have an active listserv community where enthusiasts share loads of gardening knowledge.

Finally, you don't have to be a member to participate with and take advantage the expertise of the other bulb fanatics, but for a meager $20 a year, you can also participate in their regular flower bulb and seed offers made through the listserv.

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If you have a question you wish to post, go to the forum and get answers. Leave comments about your gardening practices, or let us know about the flower bulbs you saw in bloom.

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Browse color images of flower bulbs in bloom. Take the opportunity to rate them and even send an electronic postcard to a friend.

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Enjoy a wide range of selection from the dormant import sales lists for both spring and fall. Additionally, visit the Nursery List to take advantage of healthy, fresh nursery stock!

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